101/EXHIBIT was founded by architect/collector Sloan Schaffer in Miami, FL. Named after the original location at 101 NE 40th St. in Miami’s Design District, the gallery was launched in 2008. 101/EXHIBIT originally staged exhibitions highlighting figurative and Realist painting, design, ceramics, and object-based works, while transitioning towards the exhibition of contemporary art exclusively.

The program represents national and international emerging, mid-career artists, and numerous artist estates, with experimental programming occurring at regular intervals throughout the year. Performance, screenings, special projects, and architectural interventions are explored, often developed in response to regular dialogue with our community concerning their interests and artistic queries. Featuring a bi-level layout with anterior courtyard and seating, the gallery serves as a space where local and visiting arts advocates may find respite for reading, relaxation, and observation of the current exhibitions.

Moving into the future, 101/EXHIBIT aims to further grow as a cultivator of the greater ideas of our city’s talent and potential. Paired with artists from outside Los Angeles to broaden our vision, programming is based on, but not limited to, the traditional visual arts. We strive to put our concepts into practice within the greater scope of the art world through public exhibition, fair participation, material distribution and networking, catalog publication, experimental projects, and private events.

101/EXHIBIT seeks to highlight the exploratory relationship between artist and audience. The gallery puts an emphasis on the creative process and its potential to challenge the assumption that the traditional divisions of intellectual inquiry (formalism vs. abstraction, science vs. art, reason vs. emotion, etc.) are still adequate to deal with the meaningful questions of our time. It is our pursuit to strike a balance between such polarities in the art we exhibit, and in majority, the gallery focuses on the potential for advancements in contemporary painting to do so.



The gallery does not consider unsolicited portfolios or submissions. Thank you for your interest and support.

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